Packing for a trip: Traveling with Electronics

You've checked your luggage and bought your coffee to sip while you wait to board. You grab your phone or tablet- may as well browse Facebook while you wait.  

Although it can be tempting to connect to free public wifi, unless it is recommended by the airport, or establishment you're at, do not connect to it. Hackers often use this as a ploy to access traveler's information. 

This video does a good job at explaining precautions to take when connecting to "Free Public wifi". 

You glance out the window while you're waiting to board. The baggage handlers are chucking suitcases from the cart to the conveyor belt. You cringe, and think to yourself, I'm so glad I packed my electronics in my carry-on. 


Your carry on is a much safer place for your computer or iPad . The airline staff is not responsible for being delicate with checked baggage, and if your device isn't in a very durable case, you could experience damage from it being tossed around.


While we're talking about airport operations, there is another important point to note that is often overlooked when we pack our electronics. 

Make sure your device is charged before checking your luggage incase the TSA officials need to verify information on your device (if you're traveling for work this is more common).  Have all devices accessible and ready to be scanned to prohibit delays. Ask your airline representative for their size and weight restrictions for their carry-on items before you pack.


And finally, the most important tip for traveling with your electronics- keep them locked away when you're not using them. In third world countries valuable items are at higher risk of being stolen. If you're carrying a camera of phone for example, keep them in a fanny pack or a front facing backpack to avoid being pick pocketed. 

Bring your own lock, as hotels/ hostels offer lockers for valuable items. Resorts usually provide safes in each room. When you're not using your device, keep it locked away. Getting your expensive iPad stolen is a sure way to ruin a nice family vacay. 

So there you have it: the top four protective measures to take when traveling with electronics. Now you can sip daiquiris on the beach worry-free. Safe travels! 


Here's a share-worthy infographic with all the tips we just mentioned! 

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