Wi-Fi in Every Corner With Mesh Technology

Do you struggle with endless buffering, dead spots or weak signals throughout your home or small office? 

With the explosion in popularity of smart home devices and countless streaming media services like Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, whole-house Wi-Fi coverage has become a must. 


Many of the latest wireless routers can provide strong coverage to most rooms of a typical medium-size house, but larger homes and dwellings with dense walls, multiple floors, metal and concrete substructures, and other structural impediments may require additional components to bring Wi-Fi to areas that the router can't reach. 

Range extenders do a good job of filling in dead zones, but typically provide only half the bandwidth that you get from your main router. 

Eliminate your Wi-Fi woes by placing mesh routers around your home, wherever you want, to create a single, whole-home mesh network.


Altair carries many mesh technology solutions that automatically detect and adjust your connection quality while it blankets your home in reliable wireless for full coverage in every corner.  Come in to either of our locations and talk to our knowledgable staff about your home or business wi-fi needs.