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3 Free Apple Apps That Will Make you More Productive

Productivity can be a challenge when working from your computer, with countless distractions and new updates that we have to adapt to. We've compiled a list of our three favourite apps to help you stay organized and work more efficiently. The best part about it? All of the apps are free. 
  • Agenda - Agenda is a note taking app that's a little bit unique because it's date based, which makes it ideal for project planning. Agenda offers a timeline organizational system that makes it easy to keep track of your progress on a project, with an "On the Agenda" tool for surfacing things that need to be addressed right away. 

    There's a full text editor built in complete with styles and formatting, and notes can also be added to categories for even deeper organization. Agenda is a free download, but it will cost $24.99 per year to unlock premium features like creating calendar events, saving searches, and exporting in Markdown or HTML.

  • CheatSheet - CheatSheet is simple little app that's designed to offer an overlay with a list of all the keyboard shortcuts that are available on your Mac. It's customized to the current application that's open, so if you're running image editing app Pixelmator, for example, it'll display all of the available Pixelmator keyboard shortcuts.

  • DeskApp for YouTube - DeskApp is another simple but useful app that's designed to let you search for and watch YouTube videos from within the DeskApp app instead of through Safari, Chrome, or another browser. It allows for quick access to YouTube from the menu bar on your Mac, it supports multiple windows and tabs, and it has a clean, easy to use interface.

So there you have it. Now stop reading this blog and get to work!